Monday, April 28, 2008


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Friday, November 11, 2005

update on stage set?

So here's another update of the stageset, for all of you who don't really want to know!! It's going well, though it's still difficult. God is guiding me through it though when I let Him, and when I don't it is evident in my attitude towards it all. I'm not sure I've ever felt my need for Him so much as I have these days when I'm doing all of this work for Him and for other stuff too. The problem is, I spend too much of my time not thinking about my need for Him and consequently not thinking about doing something about how much I need him. It feels difficult to completely transform the mind in this sense, and I wish I found it easier, because I know (in my mind) how much easier things would be if I just relied on God for my daily need (emotional, spiritual as well as physical).

God, I want to, I need to depend only on YOU because in
in my weakness your POWER is made PERFECT.
Lord, Teach me more about you and show me
DAILY that your grace is suffient for me, and
allow me to glory in my weakness so that the
POWER of Christ may overshadow
Everything I do each day.
Lord, will you Transform my attitude,
Challenge my ways,
Guide my thinking
Draw me closer to
Your Heart and Will.
I need you God.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Window To My World.

I know the start of the new week was technically Sunday but since i didn't do anything for the first two days of the week, it s my intention to take today (Tuesday) as the beginning of a brand new week.

I've been more than a little disheartened recently through a whole load of things that have been happening, and perhaps more significantly not happening. It's been so incredibly busy I've begun to feel I've neglected the stuff which should keep me going and keep me strong, keep me sailing in the right direction or something similarly profound. I need to get back to basics, I need to examine my roots... where am I going and witch whose help. If I was relying on the right sources would I really feel anxious for anything, would I realy feel stressed to my eyeballs, I think not.

So here, I propose a challenge, to myself but also to anyone who may be in a similar situation. In order to renew ones mind, tap into the power, but not only that, the perfect peace of the creator, one must realise that He gives this peace (but yet power) and take the appropriate actions to reforming our relationship with Him. It may broken off due to busyness, hurt, pain, or it may have never been formed. Either way, we must bridge the distance between Him and ourselves. This seems to me this morning, the only way.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Later on this morning will be another day...

This is tonight's achievement (not the irish girl on the right but the background...)
It is 2.15am. I am tired. I ache all over. I am just home from painting at church. This is ridiculous. I can just about form basic sentences.
I am going to bed.
On a brighter not... it was actually an acheivement and it could have gone a lot worse than it did.

Monday, October 31, 2005

head hurts.

My head hurts even thinking about everything I thought about tonight. Does that make ANY sense? I think mostly my head hurts with the thought of everything I should be thinking about (and most importantly doing) but yet am not.

I'm not in the greatest frame of mind right now, I think that means I should go to bed and stop thinking. Goodnight (P.s I don't know why I post anywhere when my post is like this). Go figure.